A simple utility plugin to enable organization of files in your Media Library into folders.

My Rating:

5 / 5


  • Organizes your Media Library into folders and makes it easier to organize
  • Streamlined plugin at only 1.2MB, so doesn’t add any bloat
  • Purchase of PRO version includes all future updates. No renewals needed.


None, really. It does a simple job and does it well.

FileBird is a handy little utility plugin that will allow you to organize your Media Library into a folder structure.

In short, it allows you to organize your Media Library more like you would files on your computer. This makes it a lot easier to deal with than the way WordPress has it by default.

It is a nice, modern interface. You can organize files with drag-and-drop. You’ve got contextual menu on right-click to enable things like sorting, moving files around, changing the color (for UI purposes), renaming, etc.

If you run a multi-author blog, you can even enable each author to have their own folder structure.

While I personally only use it for the internal organization, FileBird also comes with a front-end gallery component. You can choose to display galleries pulled from specific folders and display them on the front-end.

Frankly, Filebird is just functionality that should be baked into WordPress already. But, I digress. 😉

FileBird has a free version you can grab from the repository. IT does most of the important stuff. If you want the whole enchilada, the PRO version is sold only via Envato for $39 (as of this writing).

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