Membership, Training & Services

Hey, David here. I'm super stoked to potentially help you out on your journey - whether it be our all-inclusive LAB PRO membership... or some good, ol-'fashioned roll-up-my-sleeves "hands on" help.

All services are intentionally set up to be flexible, without any games. Simple for you, easy for me. All services are managed inside our LAB platform - via a credit system. You purchase account credits for the service(s) you could really use... and you'll see those credit balances in your account. They are your's and they will not expire. You can then use those credits to request services when you're ready.

All the training and "over the shoulder" looks...
and the hands-on support you need to implement it.

Community & Support Network Access

Personal support, direct from David

Access to every single course we've got

Exclusive (big) discounts on services

Tech walk-throughs, all in one place.

Live Workshops & Office Hours (& recordings)

Roadmap to ensure you never get lost.

Automatic Access To All New Courses & Updates

(You can also view some of our individual courses from the library here. They're ALL included in your PRO membership.)

Hands-On Service

I'll get in there and get my hands dirty... working on your business with you directly. Here's how...

Need Technical Assistance?

Feeling rather snowed in by the tech part of your business? Going cross-eyed with WordPress plug-ins, theme changes, membership site setup, or just how to make it all work together? Is the idea of trying to find somebody on Fiverr or Upwork just overwhelming because you have no idea who is trustworthy?

The Blog Marketing Academy has limited availability for providing Technical Services. We can just do it for you!

Tech services are done on a credit-based system. You purchase tech service credits and they will be on your account balance. As long as you have at least one credit, you can submit a request for service. And we'll jump in there... and just take care of the hassle for you. Credits never expire. There's no monthly contract or any of that nonsense.

As a tech client, your site is treated as if it were my own. Don't be afraid of the tech part of your business. I'm here for you.

Want To Hop On A Call?

Yes, we can hop on a personal, one-on-one private call to discuss your business and work out any confusions you might be having. No ongoing coaching obligations.

Like tech services, private calls are booked using our in-house credit system. One credit per call. Strategy call credits will always be visible on your member account and they do not expire. So, you can lock in a few credits at once and book those calls whenever you need (as long as I'm available, of course).

( ⚠️ Don't forget... both of these services come with big discounts if you're a PRO member. Click to learn more.)