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I’ll put it to you simply…

There’s a pretty good chance that your blog content, social media updates, and even emails to your list are NOT driving your business forward as they should.

If you find yourself sending out new stuff just because of the calendar… or because that’s just “what you’re supposed to do”, then I can all but guarantee that you’re losing out on a lot of opportunity.

Simply put, content just for the sake of content doesn’t do very much good. It feels like a waste of time – and that’s because it is.

This is why so many blog owners end up feeling like they’re writing and publishing for no reward. It is like blogging on a hamster wheel.

It’s The PLAN Which Makes The Difference

If you drive your content by an actual strategic plan, then everything aligns. Your content is in line with your growth and revenue goals.

And we’re not just talking about content calendars!

A content calendar is a big help, however merely plopping blog posts onto different calendar days is not what we’re talking about.

Move up a level from that and we’re talking about the overall strategy.

We’re talking plainly about the difference between run-of-the-mill blogging… and true content marketing.

It provides direction to your blog posts, your videos, your emails, your social media updates. All of it… in perfect alignment… all geared toward furthering your business goals.

Sounds great. But, can be easier said than done. I know from experience.

Which is why I crafted this course…

Say Goodbye To Writer’s Block And Quotas… And Hello To Calm, Focused, Planned Content Which Pays

Building Your Content Marketing Plan is a course that I created from my nearly 2 decades of experience powering businesses with blogs and email lists.

I haven’t always done it right. But, those mistakes led to real experience of doing it effectively.

With this course, we’re going to talk about true strategic content marketing. We’ll start with how content actually works to create buyers, then move into strategic planning for meeting your particular revenue goals. We then reverse engineer that into the content you need to make it all come together.

This course will walk you through how to make your content actually work for you.