In every issue of The Edge, you will get actionable advice on what's working now in the world of blogging and online marketing. Directly from the desk of David Risley, sent 3 times weekly.

The kinds of topics you can expect include:

  • Specific strategies you can apply to your blog posts to increase list opt-ins, engagement and sales
  • Advice to help you build, grow and scale an online business
  • Productivity and mindset strategy I've picked up from my 20 years as an online entrepreneur
  • Tips and "hacks" you can use to improve your landing pages, membership site, sales funnels and more.
  • Lessons on strategic product creation, course creation and more.
  • Tools and plug-ins that I find that I wish I had found earlier.

David Risley

"It is typical (and lazy) to send out emails with latest posts and things to buy. I'd much rather go the extra mile and send something that's actually worth opening. The result is The Edge."

Comments From Subscribers

From a recent survey of subscribers of The Edge

"I'd prob recommend people unsubscribe from everything else and just read your emails."

"It's a nice break in the day to catch up on the latest news and tactics from our industry."

"The Edge comes from someone who is real about helping others succeed and gives great tips about what you can do to succeed too."

"I am always talking to my neighbors and friends about this stuff... I love The Edge!"

"It is full of (sometimes surprising) sparks that make me do something."

"I love the personal bits you share in the beginning of each email."

"It's a quick email, easy read with one focus each day... not clutter!"

"The Edge give a lot of valuable resources. Sometimes, I create a pdf and send it to a friend - colleague, because the advice is great, even for another fields of the life."

The best thing about The Edge is that it's refreshing and gets me through the day. The Daily lets you shine the way all good teachers shine: as a great example for your students to follow. 

"Quick, bite-sized, actionable insights."

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