The Death Of The Email “Blast”

The Death Of The Email “Blast”

We use a lot of funny words in online marketing – some of them a bit demeaning, actually. And one of them is the phrase “email blast”.

Not only do none of your subscribers sign up in order to be “blasted”, but it doesn’t even work that well anymore as a strategy. Sending the same message to every single person on your list regardless of who they are just doesn’t work that well.

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I recently announced that I was switching my email marketing for the Academy from Aweber over to Office Autopilot. For me, this makes sense. However, for many people who read my blog, it won’t. The fact is that Office Autopilot is overkill for the typical solopreneur or blogger. Not only that, it starts at $297/month…

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There probably isn’t anything in the world of online business that causes as many discussions, confusions and opinions than talking about different platforms. Which cart do we use? Which email service should we use? Which plug-ins do we use? It is easy to get so focused on the software that we become paralyzed by the…

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One of the things that we all want with our email list is high open rates. We want to know that when we send out an email that the highest percentage of our list as possible will actually open it. Now, one of the things to keep in mind is that systems like Aweber use…