The 6 Core Pages Of Your Blog – And How To Tweak Them To 2X Your Conversions

In this post, I’m going to talk to you about how to tweak your blog for conversions. We’ll talk, specifically, about 6 important core pages and how to tweak each of them in order to double your conversions (or more).

  • chris H says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve done everything except by home page is my blog. Time for that to change!

  • Nice Blog…Thank you for sharing this information about Blog…Thanks for tips…Its very useful tips….

  • Karen M says:

    As usual, David, the usefulness of your content just keeps getting better! My biggest take-away from *this* post is the way you’ve simplified the bare website/blog necessities, but still tied everything together…

    You already know I’m completely sold on Thrive and own the whole package! Between you & Thrive (and Shane over there), it’s the best combined value on the planet for actually creating a **real business** from a website! I’m a fan for life!

  • Emmerey Rose says:

    Awesome post David! I did the same mistake with putting my blog as homepage. By the way, I was wondering if is it fine to put sliders or even video in the homepage?

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